A team based at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital are researching ways to determine which medical test would accurately diagnose Parkinson’s disease at its earliest stage.

The group is led by neuropathologist Dr.Munoz who heads the Division of Pathology at St. Michael’s Hospital and will aim to figure out

​a more accurate test that can provide diagnosis during a first visit.

“Testing for Parkinson’s during a colonoscopy would be beneficial because it would be part of the common colorectal cancer screening test, and neurons are present in the gastrointestinal tract,” he said in a press release. “Eventually we hope to have a way of changing the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, which at this point is subject to a 50-per-cent error rate.”

According to Parkinsons News Today early diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s disease (PD) is crucial to halting its progression, since the process of neuron destruction is irreversible once it starts. They report only 50 percent of patients are correctly diagnosed with this neurodegenerative condition during a first visit with a neurologist.

Some of the possible new methods could include tests for Parkinson’s when patients are undergoing a colonoscopy and another that uses skin biopsy, a procedure performed by family doctors testing for skin diseases.


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